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If you are new to Hampshire Island, or you are one of our Loyal residents, you may, or may not be aware that we have many things dotted around our four regions, Each Region has been created to give privacy to as many plots as we can, and in the process we decided to have several community areas which everybody could enjoy.


Our small chapel is situated in South Hampshire, you can light a candle for a loved one, or write your thoughts in the guest book, you may just see the grim reaper!


The Mill is situated in Middle Hampshire, all residents can use the canel to sail through, or moor your boat and have a walk around the Mill, set umongst the trees, you will need to walk across the bridge to get to the mill.

Water Tower

Our Water Tower is the first thing that welcomes you to Hampshire, situated on our welcome point it towers high above Hampshire Island, Teleport to the top, and survey the views.


The Wood Land was created by Precious to give everybody the chance to amble through the woods, and look at the sunset, or if you prefer the sunrise, s the woods stretch right across the region, why not moor up your boat on the jetty, on the south side of South Hampshire, and take a walk.

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