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Hampshire Island & Rural Hampshire Covenant 

Hampshire Covenant 5

Welcome to Hampshire, Hampshire Island, Lower Hampshire, Middle Hampshire, Rural Hampshire And Little London.  We hope you enjoy your stay.

To ensure all visitors and residents have a pleasant time here, we ask you to keep to these simple rules. Divergence from the rules may result in expulsion and possible ban. We encourage good behaviour, politeness and respect for others. All 5 Hampshire Regions are RESIDENTIAL only, with the exception for Little London, Selling is confined to this area only.

For Little London Covenant Rules, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Note: By coming to this Land you are agreeing to the rules regardless of whether you read them or not. Ignorance is not an excuse. Warnings may or may not be given. Above all remember - Residential Only and NO WEAPONS.

We reserve the right to change these rules as we see fit without warning or any other kind of notification. It is YOUR responsibility to keep up with the rules.

If you are buying extra prim land, then please read: 􀀀 (available from all welcome points) Prim land has strict rules please make sure you are aware of them.

**** Important Note ****

Hampshire, Rural Hampshire, Hampshire Island, and its surrounding regions, Middle Hampshire and Lower Hampshire including Little London Harbour, have been set out to provide a quiet and tranquil space within Second Life. We ask all Residents to be sympathetic to Hampshire and keep within the same theme, this will provide you and all your neighbours a nice environment to live.

Precious Bonetto and Bromley Baxton are very proud of Hampshire, and may ask you to remove anything that could be deemed "not in keeping" to the rest of the region(s). If you feel something may be returned please ask Precious or Bromley for clarification.

To become a Hampshire Resident:

You can find all our available land online at

Please read these terms and conditions fully, before you part with any money, the purchase fee is non-refundable.

You first need to purchase your land, to do so please either click on the "about land" tab, and click buy, or click on the L$ icon on the coordinates bar on the top of your screen.

Next you will need to click on the Rental box, and pay for the amount of time you wish to stay.

Pay for 4 weeks and a 10% discount is given; you need to pay for 4 weeks in one go for the discount to register, we use Casper & Hippo rent Boxes, Hippo boxes will display the 4th pay option with the 10% deducted. Casper boxes will show the 4th option as the full amount, once you have paid, 10% will be instantly refunded to you.

That's it, the land is now yours. Please join the Hampshire Island Group to keep up to date with news and information. If you decide not to renew please notify us by clicking the rental box, and selecting the "not renew" option.

If you have any problems, or wish to discuss the land please contact Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton.

Terms and Conditions:

By purchasing land in Hampshire you are entering into a contract where you are agreeing in full to accept and follow all rules, conditions and requirements explained in these set of documents. If you have any issues or queries about anything in the Covenant please contact Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton BEFORE buying your land as all sales are final.

You do not need a Linden Lab "premium account" to own land in Hampshire. Your land with us will not count towards tier with Linden Lab or any other Island estate land.

Land sales require an upfront purchase of the land and you must then pay rent on the land you own to Hampshire Estate. Land is currently priced at L$1. Rent is charged on the amount of prims a plot contains before we added the 15% extra prims.

If you buy land from another resident, you will acquire any credit or outstanding balance on the rental of the island.

We will not be responsible or liable if an officer, another owner or a partner in your group sells your land without your permission. Please be very careful when allowing officers or partners permission over your land.

We cannot be held responsible for lost content due to the unpredictable nature of Second Life. All reasonable efforts to correct region wide issues with Linden Lab will be made.

We do not buy land back from our residents although you may transfer or sell it to another resident. if you wish to sell your land, you must continue to pay rent until a buyer is found, then they will also be entering into this Covenant. If selling, it is your duty to inform the new owner of these rules.

If you wish to leave, without selling your land, please just inform Bromley Baxton or Precious Bonetto, who will reclaim it from you.

We DO NOT give refunds.
We will transfer your remaining time or refund outstanding monies whichever is easier to us, if you change location within Hampshire, but we DO NOT issue a refund if you decide to leave.

Land & Island info:


*** This applies to Hampshire, Hampshire Island, Lower Hampshire & Middle Hampshire.
We DO NOT allow terraforming on Rural Hampshire. ***

We allow residents to terraform their own land, however there are some limitations:

Please do not remove your land and replace with a prim, this will be deemed not in keeping with the Hampshire region(s).

Removal of all land for any reason, but in particular to use for large boats or prim land.

If you need any clarification about terraforming your land please ask Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton.

Connecting several Islands:
If you own two islands adjacent to each other, we will allow you to cross the waterway with a bridge, Before placing the bridge you must seek permission from the owners Precious Bonetto & Bromley Baxton. Any unauthorised objects placed on community waterway will be removed.

We DO NOT join Islands together.

Please contact Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton for more Information

We DO NOT allow Ban Lines as they can be deemed unsightly.

If you wish to use security systems to protect your land we ask that you set the protection limits to within your parcel boundary and the allowed list contains the owners of Hampshire Estates. More specific rules for security can be found further down the covenant.

Ban Lines that are not removed on notification from the owners, WILL BE removed.

However, if you have a problem please contact Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton.

We are able to ban anybody from entering Hampshire's five regions, so if you have a problem with a resident please talk to us.

The use of ban lines can result in expulsion from Hampshire without refund. Warnings will be given first.

Please continue to read the terms below.

Simple common sense rules in Hampshire;

All buildings to be kept to a reasonable height so that it does not restrict the views for other residents.

No building on plots, if you are building a house, please rez a platform in the air and build on that. Above 500m. - This applies to houses that you will eventually live in on your island only.

Islands are not to be used as sandboxes.

No griefing or harassment. This includes no bullying, no swearing and no abuse, whether it be racial, physical, national or any other.

No crashing or excessively lagging the sim.

All animals to be turned off when you are not online.

No ban evasion (using an alt to evade a parcel or estate ban).

No littering, leaving objects behind. Pick up after you when you leave. Violation will result in a ban.

As mentioned before NO WEAPONS.

No excessive noise or noise beyond parcel boundaries.

No hawking or begging or selling.

No advertising or soliciting.

No Clubs, this includes private members clubs, or clubs for your friends.

No Parties.

Sky boxes are to be placed no lower than 500m; and all rules still apply, Island Landscaping must remain:- this can be your own landscaping or ours, but islands must not be left empty, its not appealing to other residents.

Keep to the Hampshire Theme, objects may be returned if they are deemed "not In keeping". (Please ask for clarification)

Keep to the boundaries of your rented plot, defined by second life property lines. Any objects overhanging will be returned.

Have regard for other residents.

The Owners, Precious Bonetto and Bromley Baxton have the right to remove people and property at any time and for any reason whatsoever, without warning.

No access lines are to be drawn, unless prearranged and temporary.

No hassling of neighbours or barring of visitors to the area.

Private security systems are allowed. They must however be within the boundaries of your land, please test your systems. We do not tolerate unconfined security systems, as they effect other residents. Please allow Precious Bonetto and Bromley Baxton access, otherwise the script could be temporarily disabled if maintenance is needed in that area.

Trading of any sort from residences is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule results in expulsion for tenants with no rental refund.

The term Trading includes using your Island or sky above:-
To display items for sale on websites eg. Market Place,
Any object that appears for sale,
Boards displaying items that you sell (even if sold elsewhere),
Objects that can receive money,
Vendor Boards

All Plots are to be lived on, no other purpose.

Do not place any quick flashing/rotating objects, items with bling or other distracting particle effects, or anything else that may be considered an eyesore or annoyance. If you are unsure if an item would be returned, please ask Precious or Bromley.

Any objects found on Community land will be returned.

If a lease is terminated due to violating these rules or other inappropriate behaviour, refunds will not be given.

If your rent goes into arrears we will reclaim your land and return your objects. Warnings will be given.
Late payment of rent results in expulsion for rentals.

Any objects left on a plot once your rental has expired is at YOUR OWN risk, we will return anything you leave behind, but we will not be liable for any loss of objects due to return.

If the land is left empty for a period of time without notice to Precious or Bromley, then it will be considered abandoned and the lease ended with no refund.

All decisions by Precious or Bromley of Hampshire Estate are final. If you have any questions about these regulations please contact Precious or Bromley who will clarify for you.

BUT above all enjoy yourselves.
Hampshire is available to you all for boating, swimming, and possibly surfing, we also have many community areas which you can also enjoy.

Please join our Hampshire Residents Group, to be kept up to date with changes and notifications regarding our 5 regions.

Please Note: Hampshire Island Land Rentals is a Trading name, This Trading name is Used by Bromley Baxton And Precious Bonetto.
All references to Hampshire Island Land Rental Include Hampshire Estate Group & Hampshire Residents Group, which you may join to become a member of Hampshire.

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