And The Winner Is…..

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Thank you to everybody that took part, we had a total of 106 entries over the 48 hour period, which was good news for those of you who voted as you had a good chance of winning, So with out Further a do…… the number that was drawn out was 55,

Name entered was Rhyes1 Resident, So you will receive a free weeks rent on your Island Keyhaven, In Hampshire Island. I will add your free 7 days later today (Sunday 28/3/16)

Keep your Eyes peeled, as we may run the competition again, If you have any suggestions about ways we could improve such a feature, i would like to hear them, if you think times of year, or weekdays, or weekends are better, please be apart of how we shape the future of Hampshire, as its a place were you live, and are aim, is to make one of the best places to call home in SL, and for that, we Need YOU!! you can leave any comments here, or on the forum

Thank you for taking part,

Bromley & Precious.



Win A Week

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Tomorrow myself and Precious will launch our first competition, we have been overwhelmed by the response to Rural Hampshire, and we want to celebrate with something special, so let’s give something away!

We will open the entry form tomorrow, and the competition will be open for 2 days. How it will work is like so, we will number the entries in order, and at the end, pick a number at random, we are allowing every plot, shop and apartment 4 entries, how you place them is up to you, you can use them in a block, or space them out over the two days. If you have two plots, then you get 4 entries per plot. The winning week is applied to the plot/shop or apartment, so you do not have any advantage by having more than one plot. Enter here:

I will answer any questions you have as soon as I can, hopefully most questions will become obvious when the comp starts. Rules and terms are displayed on the entry page. Our Forum also gets its debut this weekend, so ask any questions you have there, or IM me in world.

Hopefully it will be a little bit of fun, if it works well we may do it again!

thank you for being a part of Hampshire, and we wish you the best of luck.


All Change for 2016

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Firstly myself and Precious would like to wish you all a happy new year, and we hope you have a healthy and a happy year.

Here at Hampshire we are making some big changes this year, and we have kicked it off already. We would like to introduce our newest region Rural Hampshire, our take on the English country side. This is our first region which uses pathways between plots, instead of water, this adds a totally different feel to our region, we still keep the privacy and space between plots but you can now walk, cycle or drive around, instead of sailing or swimming. We have given this region a height advantage too, making the centre plots higher, giving everyone views of the sea. It is currently still work in progress, but I hope you’ll agree, it’s another Jewel in the Hampshire crown, and brings something not often seen in SL. view region:

Are second change of 2016, certainly isn’t as impressive as Rural Hampshire, but we believe it’s a big step forward for us. has now been live for 3 years, this year we intend to build on our website, making it a website for all platforms, PC, tablet and mobile. We intend to integrate this change gradually, meaning the website will stay online. Our first pages to get our responsive make over are our available land page. This change to ‘what we have available’ also brings ‘live listings’ with the help of Rental Beam, our website now provides up to the second listings, meaning once a plot comes available it will appear, and once a plot is rented it is taken off immdiatly, this for us is a huge bonus. Please check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Also coming soon in 2016, we will launch our forum on, hopefully providing an online community giving help and advice for new comers and oldies alike. I would love to know your thoughts on this idea too.

Thank you all so much for living in Hampshire, we appreciate you staying with us, and hope that you will for a long time to come.

Please let us know any comments, questions and if you have to, complaints, we appreciate it all.

Bromley And Precious.

And The Results Are……

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Thank you all so much for voting, I am pleased to announce that every region has voted in favor of having Snow!

The Regions will gradually change over the next week, then in 5 weeks time on the 11th January, the snow will melt away like it had never been!


The Full Results were as follows:

Total Votes: 60

Hampshire Island:

Yes: 18      No:3

Middle Hampshire:

Yes: 18      No: 0

South Hampshire:

Yes: 10      No: 0

Lower Hampshire:

Yes: 9         No: 0

Hampshire Coast:

Yes: 2         No: 0


Hopefully that is the result you wanted, and if it was not, you will understand it won’t be for long. Thanks again for taking part.

Enjoy The Snow

Bromley & Precious.


2014 Snow Vote Has Begun!

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Following on from Previous years Snow Vote’s, which have been very successful, we wanted to do it again, to let you choose whether you want your region’s texture changed to snow, All five of Hampshire’s regions will be able to take part, Hampshire Island, Middle Hampshire, South Hampshire, Lower Hampshire & Hampshire Coast*.

You are voting for your individual region to be changed. We allow one vote per computer, and if your region votes in favour of snow, it will be changed for 5 weeks:-

From December the 7th 2014 until January the 11th 2015.

Voting will take place from Sunday 23rd November until Sunday 30th November.

You can vote here:

The results will follow shortly after voting closes. we hope, the following day.
Below are a few terms and conditions that you may or may not wish to read.

Precious & Bromley

We will constantly remind you of the vote during the week, so do not panic if you miss any notices, there will be lots!!

*Hampshire Coast will reflect the theme of an English coastal town with snow, the Gassy tufts will change to snow, but the region will predominantly stay sandy.


*Voting will take place for 7 days, 23rd Nov – 30th Nov,
*we will allow one vote per computer
*you will have two options, to vote Yes for snow or No to leave your region how it currently is.
*Regions will be changed to snow for 5 weeks 7th Dec – 11th Jan.
*In the event that no votes are cast or a there is a draw, the deciding vote will be cast by the Owners Precious Bonetto & Bromley Baxton, the decision will be what best reflects the choices made in the neighbouring regions.
*The vote is a fair vote, and the decision will be based on what the majority of people choose.
*It is meant to be fun, please do not take it seriously, it is only temporary.
*No Votes can be cast after 30th November
*Results will be given as soon as we can, please be patient.
*If you decorate your Islands to suit the new theme, please make sure you still abide by the Covenant.
*The Owners have the final say, and we reserve the right to change these terms without giving prior notice.
*the Voting URL can be found at: once the voting has opened.

Please have fun, and we hope you enjoy casting your vote any questions, as always please contact us, Precious Bonetto & Bromley Baxton,

Hampshire Is Evolving

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Over the last year, myself and Precious have made many changes to Hampshire, and its five regions, we are constantly reviewing Hampshire to improve the settings you live in, This year Precious has changed all the Landscaping on every region, to keep up with modern trends, and now we are able to change with every season, making our regions, some of the most realistic in Second Life

We have changed the jetties, so they are now more realistic, We have completely over hauled Little London, making our shopping area smaller and more intimate, yet adding more shops, meaning we can offer shops at L$1 per prim, the lowest in Second Life. Our biggest achievement this year is adding our fifth region, Hampshire Coast, Our first beach region, but with a twist, its English Coast, not Miami beach, Pines not Palms, although we won’t rule out palms!

Our Next big change will come in the form of rental boxes, our Hippo’s have been very faithful to us, but sadly they are now dated, this change will not effect you in any way, and will go very unnoticed, The new boxes will offer you a lot more options, being able to pay using PayPal, adding more than one partner, and helping to reducing the lag, more information on this change will come soon.

Thank you very much for staying with us, We look forward to launching the Snow Vote in a couple of weeks, and hope you all Vote!!

Bromley & Precious

All Change

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Change is a foot in Little London, if you are a shop or flat owner you will now have heard the exciting news,

We are redeveloping Little London Harbour to give a more pleasurable shopping experience, we are concentrating more on the layout, to provide every shop the same opportunity. It’s a very big change, and we understand that it will be an upheaval for everyone to empty their shops, but it will be very good. More info to come soon!!

Bromley & Precious

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

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Myself and Precious are so excited to tell you all about…..






Hampshire Coast!

We have been asked for many years if we have Islands in a beach theme, and we have always said the same thing, Here at Hampshire our theme is green and pleasant lands, like you could find in England, I pick England because we are English, We were happy doing something different from others, and offering something of quality, rather than quantity, and with us, that will never change.

So one day Precious said to me, I have an idea, Lets do a Coastal Region! So we have done beach, in the only way we could, English Coastal, so it is still very different to what you will find in SL. We are very pleased with this new region, which stands alone from Hampshire, it is us doing something different, but not.

Please go and have a look, we would love your feed back, and of course, if you wish to move, we will help you do so.

Bromley & Precious.


Snow Melt

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Hi Everybody,

Today see’s the end of the snow for this Season, thank you to everybody who took part in our vote, and everybody who threw themselves into decorating their islands so blimin well! I would also like to praise Precious who did an amazing job Landscaping all four regions, not an easy task by any means, but one she did so well. We will do it all again next year. Hopefully!

Happy new year to you all, we hope you all continue to enjoy our sanctuary away from the SL madness!

Bromley & Precious


Snow Results

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Thank you everybody for voting, we are pleased to announce that it will be a white Christmas On all 4 Hampshire Regions this year, The results are as follows:

Hampshire Island: Yes 91%   No 9%

Middle Hampshire: Yes 100%    No 0%

South Hampshire: Yes 100%    No 0%

Lower Hampshire: Yes 100%   No 0%


Turn Out was Lower than we had hoped, with only 50% of current residents voting, but everybody had equal chance to have their opinion, so the majority wins.


Snow will start arriving during this week (starting 2nd Dec) and will be fully covered by the 8th Dec, Precious will do her best, she has a lot to change so please be Patient. The snow will start thawing out from the 12th Jan.


Thank you again for Voting, We hope you enjoy the snow.

Precious & Bromley

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