All Change for 2016

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Firstly myself and Precious would like to wish you all a happy new year, and we hope you have a healthy and a happy year.

Here at Hampshire we are making some big changes this year, and we have kicked it off already. We would like to introduce our newest region Rural Hampshire, our take on the English country side. This is our first region which uses pathways between plots, instead of water, this adds a totally different feel to our region, we still keep the privacy and space between plots but you can now walk, cycle or drive around, instead of sailing or swimming. We have given this region a height advantage too, making the centre plots higher, giving everyone views of the sea. It is currently still work in progress, but I hope you’ll agree, it’s another Jewel in the Hampshire crown, and brings something not often seen in SL. view region:

Are second change of 2016, certainly isn’t as impressive as Rural Hampshire, but we believe it’s a big step forward for us. has now been live for 3 years, this year we intend to build on our website, making it a website for all platforms, PC, tablet and mobile. We intend to integrate this change gradually, meaning the website will stay online. Our first pages to get our responsive make over are our available land page. This change to ‘what we have available’ also brings ‘live listings’ with the help of Rental Beam, our website now provides up to the second listings, meaning once a plot comes available it will appear, and once a plot is rented it is taken off immdiatly, this for us is a huge bonus. Please check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Also coming soon in 2016, we will launch our forum on, hopefully providing an online community giving help and advice for new comers and oldies alike. I would love to know your thoughts on this idea too.

Thank you all so much for living in Hampshire, we appreciate you staying with us, and hope that you will for a long time to come.

Please let us know any comments, questions and if you have to, complaints, we appreciate it all.

Bromley And Precious.

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