Lag Issues On Middle Hampshire

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Hi All,


If you reside on middle Hampshire you will be aware that it has been extremely laggy, Having restarted the region the problem still seemed to be there. so we have contacted Linden Labs, this is there response:


Hi Bromley,

Thanks for the heads up regarding the issues you’ve been experiencing.  I’ve done a complete workup of your region and while I could not duplicate all the issues you’ve experienced, I have undertaken steps to improve stability.  I brought the region down and performed some maintenance on our end which seems to have alleviated the issues for now.  It’s also possible that some of your residents are experiencing viewer lag.  I say this because your sim looks like it was running great.  If that’s the case, I’d encourage them to contact us directly.

If this continues, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Elijah Linden
Second Life Support


If you still have issues with lag, and you do not believe it to be your viewer, Please let myself or Precious Know.

Bromley & Precious

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