Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

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Myself and Precious are so excited to tell you all about…..






Hampshire Coast!

We have been asked for many years if we have Islands in a beach theme, and we have always said the same thing, Here at Hampshire our theme is green and pleasant lands, like you could find in England, I pick England because we are English, We were happy doing something different from others, and offering something of quality, rather than quantity, and with us, that will never change.

So one day Precious said to me, I have an idea, Lets do a Coastal Region! So we have done beach, in the only way we could, English Coastal, so it is still very different to what you will find in SL. We are very pleased with this new region, which stands alone from Hampshire, it is us doing something different, but not.

Please go and have a look, we would love your feed back, and of course, if you wish to move, we will help you do so.


Bromley & Precious.


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