Ready, Steady……..VOTE!

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Voting Is Now Open!

If you would like your region Changed to Snow, or if you would like it to stay as it is, you need to Vote here:

Every vote really does count when you live in a small community, so you need to Vote Yes, Or No. The majority vote wins for each region. You are voting to change, or not to change the texture for 5 weeks – from December the 8th until January the 12th

We hope you are happy with the outcome, but also hope if you are not, you will understand that it is only for 5 Weeks.

Voting is for 7 days so vote Now! Voting closes on the 1st December at midnight (UK GMT). 16:00 (PST).

Hampshire Island Snow Vote Is Coming!

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Following on from last years Snow Vote, which was very successful, we wanted to do it again, to let you choose whether you want your region’s texture changed to snow, All four of Hampshire’s regions will be able to take part, Hampshire Island, Middle Hampshire, South Hampshire & Lower Hampshire.

You are voting for your individual region to be changed. We allow one vote per computer, and if your region votes in favour of snow, it will be changed for 5 weeks:-

From December the 8th 2013 until January the 12th 2014.

Voting will take place from Sunday 24th November until Sunday 1st December.

The Voting website will be announced at the start of the vote, we will message you in world, and we will also post it here.

The results will follow shortly after voting closes. we hope the following day.
Below are a few terms and conditions that you may or may not wish to read.

Precious & Bromley

We will constantly remind you of the vote during the week, so do not panic if you miss any notices, there will be lots!!

*Voting will take place for 7 days, 24th Nov – 1st Dec,
*we will allow one vote per computer
*you will have two options, to vote Yes for snow or No to leave your region how it currently is.
*Regions will be changed to snow for 5 weeks 8th Dec – 12th Jan.
*In the event that no votes are cast or a there is a draw, the deciding vote will be cast by the Owners Precious Bonetto & Bromley Baxton, the decision will be what best reflects the choices made in the neighbouring regions.
*The vote is a fair vote, and the decision will be based on what the majority of people choose.
*It is meant to be fun, please do not take it seriously, it is only temporary.
*No Votes can be cast after 1st December
*Results will be given as soon as we can, please be patient.
*If you decorate your Islands to suit the new theme, please make sure you still abide by the Covenant.
*The Owners have the final say, and we reserve the right to change these terms without giving prior notice.
*the Voting URL can be found on this Notice Board once the voting has opened.

Please have fun, and we hope you enjoy casting your vote any questions, as always please contact us, Precious Bonetto & Bromley Baxton,


Hampshire Harbour

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HarbourFadePrecious And Bromley are pleased to announce the launch of our new Harbour, the Harbour has 14 small shops which are now available to rent. We believe they are competitively priced, and in a wonderful location, with ample prims for you to create your perfect shop. If you are a current resident of Hampshire Island, we will give you a further 5% discount of the cost of four weeks rental, giving you 15% Discount for every four weeks you pay for.

If you do not wish to rent a shop, then Hampshire Harbour is another great Community area that Hampshire Island has to offer, you can sail around, moor your boat inside the Harbour wall, and go for a walk around the shops, We have tried to create an old English Harbour, full of charm and character, and we hope you all enjoy it.

We as always would love to know what you think of our Harbour, so please feel free to get in contact with Precious or Bromley

Explore Hampshire

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Explore The Chapel

If you are new to Hampshire, Or a long term loyal land owner, you may or may not be aware that as well as the waterways, which span our four regions, which you can use for sailing or swimming, We have many community areas which you can explore, use and enjoy, hopefully making your within Hampshire, that little bit better!

Click here to start Exploring

And The Results For The Snow Vote Are……..

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Myself and Precious would like to thank everybody who took part in our snow vote, hopefully you will all be pleased with the final outcome,

Hampshire Island Has voted in Favour of Snow

17 People Voted,      Yes: 94%       No: 6%


Middle Hampshire Voted In Favour of Snow

11 people Voted        Yes: 82%       No: 18%


South Hampshire Voted In Favour Of Snow

9 People Voted          Yes: 100%    No: 0%


Lower Hampshire Voted In Favour Of Snow

14 People Voted        Yes: 85%       No:15%


So It will be a white Holiday Season this year in Hampshire’s 4 region’s.

The Regions Texture will be changed on the 8th December It will remain for 4 weeks and will revert to Our Hampshire default green on the 5th January 2013.

If you have any Questions regarding the texture change, please contact Precious Bonetto.


Thank you all again, and we wish you a Happy Hoilday!

Bromley & Precious




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Bromley and myself have been asked by several of our Islanders if we could change the terrain texture of Hampshire regions to snow.  We are very happy to do this but we realise that not everyone might want this; so we have decided to have a Snow Vote.  The majority votes will decide if we change the texture or not.

We hope everyone will be happy with the outcome regardless of what they voted for and hopefully those who voted the opposite  will be happy too!! SO, join in the fun and PLEASE PLEASE vote!!

The Details:

Go to our website to vote: Snow Vote!

Each Islander has one vote for their region

The voting starts Sunday 25th November and ends Sunday 2nd December.

If the decision results in region texture changing to snow it will ONLY be for four weeks starting Saturday 8th December until Saturday 5th January.  The region texture will then revert to our default texture.

Should the results end up in a draw, then that particular region will stay as our default texture.

SO Get voting!!!

Hampshire Island coming soon to InWorldz

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We are pleased to announce that we will soon be launching Hampshire Island in InWorldz,
More information will be coming soon.
We can assure you that are commitment to Second Life will not change.

If you have any thoughts or comments please let us know, if you wish to comment here, and your avatar does not have its own email please use

Middle Hampshire

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I just wanted to ask if anybody is still getting problems with lag on Middle Hampshire? if you are contact me in world by IM, or leave a comment here.

It seems to have gone quiet, so i hope that means its improved.


Important info for Middle Hampshire

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Please read the following reply from lindens to me,

Case: 01420252
Avatar: Bromley Baxton
Type: Region Performance Issues
Status: Information Requested
Hi, Bromley,

I’m sorry to hear you’re still having issues with your sim. The issue I’m having with troubleshooting is that we’ve checked the scripts, object physics, server data and can’t find anything that would be causing lag. In fact, from our readings, we can’t find lag at all on that sim. The records don’t show any and it runs nice and smooth when we visit it.

That leads me to wonder, especially as you don’t appear to have experienced this lag yourself – correct me please if I’m wrong about that – if it might be a viewer or client side issue. How many of your residents are experiencing this? If it looks like a client side issue, we will need the people actually experiencing the issue to open tickets about it so we can troubleshoot directly with them.

And in the interim, if someone is experiencing lag, it would be a huge help to us if they could open their statistics bar by going to Advanced –> Performance Tools –> Statistics Bar and take a screenshot with that showing. That would be a huge help.

Elijah Linden

I am aware you are all frustrated, but to solve this problem we do need everybody experiencing this to contact Lindens,

I as you can see am unable to do anymore than I have done,

I would like to hear from anybody who has spoken to LL, unless those who are experiencing this problem do not contact Lindens, it will not go away.

If you wish to leave a comment here, and do not have a Avatar email address, just put your name followed by

Thank you.


Middle Hampshire Lag continued……..

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Hi Again,

I have once again spoken to LL, they have suggested that all individuals suffering with this problem contact them directly, and explain your problems to them in more detail.

Lindens comment to me:

Case: 01420252
Avatar: Bromley Baxton
Type: Region Performance Issues
Status: Waiting for Customer Acceptance

Thanks that was the perfect answer.  Any further troubleshooting we’ll need the person actually having the problem to contact us so we can do 1 on 1.



Please use this case number in the description of your raised ticket:
Case: 01420252

Please feel free to contact myself or Precious should you wish to talk about anything,


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