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About Hampshire Island

Thank you for your interest in Hampshire Island.
Hampshire is a group of five Regions within second life:- Hampshire, Hampshire Island, Lower Hampshire, Middle Hampshire & Rural Hampshire. These five regions have been divided into individual plots Each plot is a different size, ranging from 560m² up to 4832m². every plot is surrounded by water which you can use to sail your boat or take a swim. Rural Hampshire is based on the English Country Side, every plot is divided by roads and paths, landscaped with trees, ferns & flowers. Each plot has is own boundry fence, wall or hedge.

Hampshire is now into its fith year, Originally named Campello Beach, we moved to the private region of Hampshire Island in 2011, since then we have gained our other four regions, and have been overwhelmed by the response to our individual islands. We have found that providing a quiet tranquil place to live, with many community areas, very popular.

We set up Hampshire after renting within Second Life ourselves. We wanted to be different to everybody else renting land, we wanted our clients to feel like they are just as important as the people renting larger plots and Homesteads, just because you do not want big areas does not mean you want to live in the middle of a region with no space between you and your neighbour. we also wanted to create a well landscaped area, where you can hear the birds and sit under trees watching the sun go down. our place had to be differnet, we wanted you to arrive here and think wow, how have I missed this. Rural Hampshire was set up in 2016, and was launched with amazing popularity, we were full in two weeks, this we beleive will be the next big move in SL, and we continue to be at the forefront, chznging the way renting land is done.

We are committed to providing a nice place to live, for this reason we have a very detailed Covenant, we have taken our experiences in Second life and tried to create a covenant that safeguards our residents from being subjected to inappropriate behaviour, having to tolerate obtrusive structures and unsightly objects.

Hampshire is here to be enjoyed by all our residents and their friends, Please feel free to explore.
Thank you for reading about us, we hope you find Hampshire the place you wish to call Home.

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