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Selling and Renting land within the virtual world of Second Lifeā„¢

Welcome To Hampshire

The Best Place to Call Home in Second Life.

Hampshire Island

We have 3 regions of Small to medium sized plots, all seperated by water, every Island has space, privacy and tranquillity. Islands Start from L$269 per week, with 135 prims, 10% discount when you rent for 4 weeks, and all our Islands have 15% extra Prims!

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Rural Hampshire

Our Newest region is designed to be Rural England, set in the rolling fields, each plot has space, privacy and are seperated by rural roads, paths, hedges. Due to our tiered terrain every Island has views of the sea a truly tranquil in Second Life. 10% discount when you rent for 4 Weeks, and all our Islands have 15% extra Prims!

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Little London

Little London Is a our small shopping mall, made up of 22 shops, 6 apartments and 6 stalls. We have priced our shops to be the most competative, L$1 for 1 prim, the best in SL, If you are starting up, or just need somewhere to showcase your items, you will not find better. 

Live, Sell and shop in Little London.

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10% Discount for 4 weeks Rental

All Plots also include 15% extra Prims!

Regions that Change with the Seasons.......

Welcome to the home of.......

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Now in Our fourth year, Hampshire island changed the way people rented in second life, no longer did you have to settle for land connected to your neighbour, no privacy, no space, we decided to give every plot space privacy, and green land! bored of sand, then we are the place for you. Waterways which you can enjoy, sail, and swim in, beautifuly landscaped regions, and all for L$2 a prim, with a 10% discount when you pay for 4 weeks. And if you still want more, we give you 15% extra prims, for FREE!! 

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2016 saw the launch of Rural Hampshire, our new, all land region. For the first time we have created an English Country side, every plot we have for rent, is divided by hedges, fences, paths, tracks and walkways, a truely unique region, which is a must see, we have planned this region for over a year, and with the help of the new scripted planting, it is possible to change it with the seasons. All the reasons to come to hampshire remain the same, extra prims, 10% discounts, and personnal service, this region starts a new era for Hampshire, and sets us apart from the rest.

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22 Small Boutique shops, 6 apartments, and 6 stalls, makes Little London the perfect place to Shop, Sell, and live. Situated next to the sea, giving you full views of the sunrise from our small harbour, where else would you want to shop. Our prices are the best in SL, L$1 per prim, giving you the best start you need for a new venture in second life.

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