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Contacting Us

Please remember, we are a Second Lifeā„¢ Business, Please use your Avatar name at all times.

If you would like to contact us, for any reason please do not hesitate to do so, we will always respond as soon as we can. The owners of Hampshire, Precious Bonetto And Bromley Baxton are British, therefore we operate on UK time, so please do not think we are ignoring you, we may just not be on your time zone.


Please use the form below to email us.


You can send a IM in second life, please send all messages to Precious Bonetto, Or Bromley Baxton.
We will also accept notecards, but we can respond to you quicker by IM.

Hampshire Manager is our InWorld Bot, you can send IM to him, but he will only reply with an automated response. If you have specific questions, you can IM him with certain words, for example: I cannot Rezz. He will then reply with a response to help you solve your problem. If that does not help, please contact the owners above. 

Website Communication

You can contact us through various ways on this website, you can use the forum, just ask your question, under the most relevant thread, and we will endeavor to answer it for you.
You can also leave a comment on any of the blog posts we post on the noticeboard.

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