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Freqently Asked Questions  

Land Purchase:

Do I have to pay a Linden Labs Tier?
You do not need to pay Linden Labs a tier, as you buy your land from Hampshire Estates. We then collect your tier/rent in L$, which you pay to the rental box on the island's jetty.
Can two people own the land?
For two people to own the land you need to set up a group, then Deed the land to this group, the person who sets the group up can decide on permissions of the members of that group, you can invite people to the group as an owner. for more information on groups see second Life Knowledge Base.
Can I get a refund for the Land Purchase?
All Land Purchase are L$1, due to the small amount we do not offer refunds on the land. Sometimes over the holiday season we increase the land purchase fee, to stop griefing, this would be refunded, this would be made clear on islands for sale at that time. For refunds on land rental please see Rentals FAQ's
If I buy the land, why do I have to pay rent?
Hampshire is made up of four private regions, We rent the islands to you, but are able to give you full permissions on the land, but to give you full land permissions the land must be in your name, so we sell it to you for a very small amount of L$1, we are still owners of the land that you own, but it is in your name. When you purchase the land, you must agree to the Hampshire Covenant, if you do not agree to our covenant you can choose not to rent here, if you do agree, but decide that you don't wish to comply with the covenant then we can reclaim your land. Please see the covenant for more information.
What do I do when I leave?
if you wish to leave, you can either do nothing to the land, or you can abandon the land.


Can I get a refund on my Rental?
We DO NOT give refunds if you decide to leave. If you are moving within Hampshire's 5 regions, we will issue you with a refund, However the new island must be bought and rent paid before we will refund you.
Where do I pay my rent?
Your rent is paid to the rental box positioned on the islands jetty, right click on the box, select pay.
The amounts are displayed in weeks, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks.
The 4th week option has 10% deducted from it.
Can I Pay money direct to the owners Precious Bonetto & Bromley Baxton
The owners can not accept payment from any tenant, as this payment would not be recorded, all payments for land must be made to the Rent box on the islands Jetty.
I have paid the Box but nothing has happened?
Sometimes the rental box's have a funny turn, and they may need resetting please contact Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton, who will reset it. the box will not take your money, it will always return it, so please make sure in your payment history that you have had the money back.>/a>
The rental box has taken my money but not added any time?
it is extremly unlikely that the rental box will eat your money, it will always return it, if it is not functioning correctly, the box will return money under the name of Bromley Baxton. Please make sure that you have checked your history before contacting Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton, the Rental box records everything it does, so we have records of every action.
I am sure I paid for X days but the box tells me I only have X remaining?
The Rental box is very accurate, We have never known the rental box loose days, so if you feel this is the case we can check the records of the box against payment logs which we keep, to find out what the last payment made was, and the date it was made.
What do I do when I leave?
Please let us know you do not wish to stay by clicking the 'not renewing' option on the hippo box. please take your objects with you, if you do not, we will clear the land by returning all your objects. if you should loose anything due to this return we will not be held responsible. it is your responsibilty to clean up after yourself.
What if I forget to pay?
if you forget to pay the rental box we will give you a small 'grace period' if you do not pay in that time, all your objecst will be returned and you your island will be reclaimed. if you should loose anything due to this return we will not be held responsible. it is your responsibilty to clean up after yourself. if you decide to return, after we have cleared you plot, and you had the grace period you will be able to, but we will limit the amount of days we give you as a grace period. We have to pay for these regions, so we will not allow you to stay for free.

Land Use:

I cannot place any Objects?
Firstly make sure you have bought the land, (right click on the land, and select buy land from the menu), if you have bought the land, make sure that the objects you are rezzing are within the parcel boundry, this may mean, rotating and moveing untill the object is within the boundry, ( you can see the island boundry by clicking on view at the top of your viewers window and select show parcel boundry). this is more often than not the biggest problem, the water way will not allow objects to be rezzed on to it, so will tell you that, 'the parcel owner does not allow objects to be rezzed' keep moving and testing, it will rezz on your island evebtually, unless its bigger than the island.
you may also want to check which group tag you are wearing, this may be different to the group which owns the land.
if all else fails, contact Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton.
I would like other people to rezz objects on my land.
You have a couple of options available to you, you can set up a group, which is discussed in the two people buying land FAQ, or you can allow objects to pleced or built by anybody, on the options tab, of the 'about land' menu. (right click on land, and select 'about land' then find the tab that says 'options').
why can I not use ban lines?
We at Hampshire do not like the look of ban lines, so we decided to ban the ban lines as many other land rentals in Second life did. You are able to use a security system, there are many to choose from, we recommend Thomas Conover's secutity Orb, priced at L$300, we belive it is extremly good value, they are availble to buy at the Hampshire Welcome Point.
Do you provide Security?
We do Not Currently supply Security systems, we do recommend Thomas Conover's secutity Orb, which is avaialble at the Hampshire welcome point. We do not currently offer a Tenant discount, but hope to soon.
Can I change the terrain texture?
We do not allow you to change the texture of your island, however you can use a sculpting prim and place a texture on to that, we can recomend the jvtech land thingy.
Can I change the terrain?
Yes, but please see the Covenant for more detailed information.


Can I Buy More Prims
Yes, Contact Bromley Baxton or Precious Bonetto, we will sort you out some land under the waterway, which you will be unable to use, but the prims can then be added to your islands total. Extra prims are charged at L$2.
Why do I have to buy more land to get prims?
All regions have set amount of prims, The full regions have 15000, Each region can only be divided up in squares of 16m2, so per 16sqm you get 4 prims (est avg) so for a person to have more prims, you must have more land. This land must in the same name, to be added together, and must be in the same region. Hampshire decided to give extra prims by dividing up the water ways, this way, you can have extra prims, but you do not have to have any extra land. we do not allow you to use the land under the water we giv you for extra prims.
How can I find out my prim usage?
You can see how many prims you have used, and still have availble to you on the 'about land' menu, click on the on the objects tab, of the about land menu. (right click on land, and select 'about land' then find the tab that says 'objects').


Can I put a boat by my Jetty?
Yes, we allow you to put out a boat, or small objects around your jetty. We may from time to time to time ask you to remove them for maintenance. but after which, you can put them back.
Can I sail around Hampshire
We allow our residents to use all the water around hampshire, we have 6 regions in total, and they are all open to you.
Can my friends Visit
Yes, we allow friends, but Covenant rules do apply.
Can I explore?
Yes Please! we have several things you can explore around, the Woods on Lower Hampshire, the Mill in Middle Hampshire, the Water Tower in Hampshire Island, and the Chapel on South Hampshire, where you can leave a message in our visitors book.

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