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Little London Covenant

Little London Covenant 2

Please read below if you rent a shop, stall, chalet or apartment in Little London.

Welcome to Little London. We hope you have a successful stay here.
To ensure all visitors and shop keepers have a pleasant time, we ask that you keep to these simple rules, divergence from the rules may result in expulsion and possible ban. We encourage good behaviour, politeness and respect for others.

NOTE: By coming to this land you are agreeing to the rules regardless of whether you read them or not. Ignorance is not an excuse. Warnings may or may not be given.
Above all remember this region is a Moderate region.

We DO NOT allow weapons. You may sell Sexual content, but this MUST be hidden from view, and not advertised on the front of your shop in pictorial format.

To become a shop keeper on Little London:

Firstly choose your shop, shops that are available will have a Silver sign, and will display price and prims. Shops that have been rented will display a Gold sign, and no hover text.

We have 22 Shops, 6 Chalets, 6 Stalls & 6 Apartments (which may be used as shops)

Once you have chosen, pay the sign, make sure you read these rules first, you will be asked to agree to them when you pay.

The rental sign will give you a group invite to Hampshire Harbour group, You NEED to join this group to rez items in your shop.
You will also be invited to our Little London group, this group is for you to use to advertise your shop to our previous visitors, every visitor is invited on arrival.

That’s it, your shop is now ready, you can start to display your items.

Little London is not responsible for footfall within your shop, you will need to advertise your own shop to be sure of customers and trade.

If you have any problems please contact Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton, we will endeavour to reply to you as soon as we can, we may be on a different time zone to you, so please be patient.

If you wish to swap shops, you must contact Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton.

Please read our Terms and Conditions below:

By renting a shop in Little London you are entering into a contract where you are agreeing in full to accept and follow all rules, conditions and requirements explained in these set of documents. If you have any issues or queries about anything in the covenant please contact Precious Bonetto or Bromley Baxton, before you Rent, as Rental is NON REFUNDABLE.

We cannot be held responsible for lost content due to the unpredictable nature of second life. All reasonable efforts to correct region wide issues with Linden Lab will be made.

We do not allow breeding of any sort within Little London, if you wish to sell animals they must be displayed switched off, but if we believe your shop is causing excessive lag your objects may be returned, or you may be removed from Little London WITHOUT REFUND.

We allow shop keepers to display a sign on the outside of their shop, this sign must be within keeping of the region, no flashing, rotating or moving objects.
Signs must not stretch beyond your shop. And must not obscure your rental sign.
We provide a small sign hanging outside your shop, this is linked to your rental box, so you can upload a texture once you have rented.

If you are in doubt contact Precious or Bomley, who can clarify if your sign is within keeping.

Shops are not to be used as Sandboxes.

No griefing or harassment. This includes no bullying, no swearing and no abuse, whether it be racial, physical, national or other.

No crashing or excessively lagging the sim.

No Ban evasion. (using an alt to evade a parcel or estate ban)

No littering, leaving objects behind, pick up after you when you leave. Violation will result in a ban.

As mentioned, NO WEAPONS.

No excessive noise.

No hawking or begging, selling must be from your Shop/Stall/Chalet ONLY.

If you wish to advertise, this must be within your shop, we DO NOT allow advertising boards to cover your shop front. This will result in immediate ban with NO REFUND.

No Clubs, this includes private members clubs, or clubs with your friends.

No Parties.

No sky boxes, the skies are regularly checked and objects will be returned, persistent offenders will be banned.

Keep to the boundaries of your shop, objects sticking out and through walls will be returned

Please check your hover text, Hover text looks ugly when viewed through a wall, and can annoy the Shop Keeper next door to you.

Have regard for other Shop Keepers.

The Owners Precious Bonetto and Bromley Baxton have the right to remove People and Property at any time and for any reason what so ever, without warning.

No hassling of neighbours or barring of visitors to the area

No security systems are allowed, if you have a problem with a person you must tell the Owners, who can remove them, or ban them from the region.

As mentioned before, trading from your shop or stall only, we do not allow objects to spill out onto the pavements.

Do not place any quick flashing/rotating objects, items with bling or other distracting particle effects, or anything else that may be considered an eyesore or annoyance. If you are unsure if an item would be returned please ask the owners.

Any objects found outside of your shops will be returned.

If a lease is terminated due to violating these rules or other inappropriate behaviour, refunds will not be given.

If your shop rental goes into arrears we will return your objects and reset your shop. Warnings will be given, objects returned due to late payment, are at YOUR RISK, we will not be liable for lost objects.

If the shop is left empty for a period of time without notice to the owners then it will be considered abandoned and the lease ended with no refund.

All decisions by Precious Bonetto and Bromley Baxton are final. If you have any questions about these regulations please contact the owners who will clarify them for you.

Above all, we want you to enjoy your time in Little London. Please explore the Harbour, informing everyone you know to take a look too.

Please Note: Little London & Hampshire Harbour our a company of Hampshire Island Rentals, this trading name is used by Precious Bonetto and Bromley Baxton.
You may join our Hampshire Island Group for information regarding our Land rentals, and Little London.

You MUST join Hampshire Harbour Group to be able to rez items in the Harbour shops, this group is an invite only, please contact the owners for more information.

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