Hampshire Island Snow Vote Is Coming!

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Following on from last years Snow Vote, which was very successful, we wanted to do it again, to let you choose whether you want your region’s texture changed to snow, All four of Hampshire’s regions will be able to take part, Hampshire Island, Middle Hampshire, South Hampshire & Lower Hampshire.

You are voting for your individual region to be changed. We allow one vote per computer, and if your region votes in favour of snow, it will be changed for 5 weeks:-

From December the 8th 2013 until January the 12th 2014.

Voting will take place from Sunday 24th November until Sunday 1st December.

The Voting website will be announced at the start of the vote, we will message you in world, and we will also post it here.

The results will follow shortly after voting closes. we hope the following day.
Below are a few terms and conditions that you may or may not wish to read.

Precious & Bromley

We will constantly remind you of the vote during the week, so do not panic if you miss any notices, there will be lots!!

*Voting will take place for 7 days, 24th Nov – 1st Dec,
*we will allow one vote per computer
*you will have two options, to vote Yes for snow or No to leave your region how it currently is.
*Regions will be changed to snow for 5 weeks 8th Dec – 12th Jan.
*In the event that no votes are cast or a there is a draw, the deciding vote will be cast by the Owners Precious Bonetto & Bromley Baxton, the decision will be what best reflects the choices made in the neighbouring regions.
*The vote is a fair vote, and the decision will be based on what the majority of people choose.
*It is meant to be fun, please do not take it seriously, it is only temporary.
*No Votes can be cast after 1st December
*Results will be given as soon as we can, please be patient.
*If you decorate your Islands to suit the new theme, please make sure you still abide by the Covenant.
*The Owners have the final say, and we reserve the right to change these terms without giving prior notice.
*the Voting URL can be found on this Notice Board once the voting has opened.

Please have fun, and we hope you enjoy casting your vote any questions, as always please contact us, Precious Bonetto & Bromley Baxton,


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