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Bromley and myself have been asked by several of our Islanders if we could change the terrain texture of Hampshire regions to snow.  We are very happy to do this but we realise that not everyone might want this; so we have decided to have a Snow Vote.  The majority votes will decide if we change the texture or not.

We hope everyone will be happy with the outcome regardless of what they voted for and hopefully those who voted the opposite  will be happy too!! SO, join in the fun and PLEASE PLEASE vote!!

The Details:

Go to our website to vote: Snow Vote!

Each Islander has one vote for their region

The voting starts Sunday 25th November and ends Sunday 2nd December.

If the decision results in region texture changing to snow it will ONLY be for four weeks starting Saturday 8th December until Saturday 5th January.  The region texture will then revert to our default texture.

Should the results end up in a draw, then that particular region will stay as our default texture.

SO Get voting!!!

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