And The Results Are……

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Thank you all so much for voting, I am pleased to announce that every region has voted in favor of having Snow!

The Regions will gradually change over the next week, then in 5 weeks time on the 11th January, the snow will melt away like it had never been!


The Full Results were as follows:

Total Votes: 60

Hampshire Island:

Yes: 18      No:3

Middle Hampshire:

Yes: 18      No: 0

South Hampshire:

Yes: 10      No: 0

Lower Hampshire:

Yes: 9         No: 0

Hampshire Coast:

Yes: 2         No: 0


Hopefully that is the result you wanted, and if it was not, you will understand it won’t be for long. Thanks again for taking part.

Enjoy The Snow

Bromley & Precious.


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