Snow Melt

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Hi Everybody,

Today see’s the end of the snow for this Season, thank you to everybody who took part in our vote, and everybody who threw themselves into decorating their islands so blimin well! I would also like to praise Precious who did an amazing job Landscaping all four regions, not an easy task by any means, but one she did so well. We will do it all again next year. Hopefully!

Happy new year to you all, we hope you all continue to enjoy our sanctuary away from the SL madness!

Bromley & Precious


2 Responses to “Snow Melt”

  1. Chazzy Says:

    When the time is there I can’t wait for the snow to come!
    It looked ever so pretty and gave a real season feeling. Precious did indeed a wondeful job and glad we could help her to make it look great over all.
    But……so happy again that the snow melted and can see the green again!
    Have a wondeful year all of you!

  2. Exandir Says:

    Thank you for providing such a peaceful & beautiful place to call home in SL. I always love the snow when it comes. 🙂 Have a great New Year!

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