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Please read the following reply from lindens to me,

Case: 01420252
Avatar: Bromley Baxton
Type: Region Performance Issues
Status: Information Requested
Hi, Bromley,

I’m sorry to hear you’re still having issues with your sim. The issue I’m having with troubleshooting is that we’ve checked the scripts, object physics, server data and can’t find anything that would be causing lag. In fact, from our readings, we can’t find lag at all on that sim. The records don’t show any and it runs nice and smooth when we visit it.

That leads me to wonder, especially as you don’t appear to have experienced this lag yourself – correct me please if I’m wrong about that – if it might be a viewer or client side issue. How many of your residents are experiencing this? If it looks like a client side issue, we will need the people actually experiencing the issue to open tickets about it so we can troubleshoot directly with them.

And in the interim, if someone is experiencing lag, it would be a huge help to us if they could open their statistics bar by going to Advanced –> Performance Tools –> Statistics Bar and take a screenshot with that showing. That would be a huge help.

Elijah Linden

I am aware you are all frustrated, but to solve this problem we do need everybody experiencing this to contact Lindens,

I as you can see am unable to do anymore than I have done,

I would like to hear from anybody who has spoken to LL, unless those who are experiencing this problem do not contact Lindens, it will not go away.

If you wish to leave a comment here, and do not have a Avatar email address, just put your name followed by

Thank you.


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